About Kefalonia Island

Kefalonia, also known as Cephallenia, Cephallonia, Kefallinia or Kefallonia, is the largest among the Ionian Islands. It is located in western Greece, at the outlet of Patraicos Gulf and in-between the islands of Zakynthos and Lefkada.

The island, land-formed into a head-like shape, owes its name to Cephalus, a Greek mythological figure, as well as to the ancient Greek word “kephalos” meaning “head”.

Truly, nature has been very generous to this island with its dramatic landscapes and incredible mountainous formations.

The island is well known for its numerous fruitful plains, azure lakes, sounding rivers, mysterious caves, dense forests, picturesque headlands, and, last but not least, calming sandy beaches. It has a variety of wild flowers, making it a special verdant island. Lush emerald fir-veiled mountains reach up, high into the sunny cyan sky.

Although Kefalonia has a traditional insular feeling it is far from old fashioned, as it has some of the most modern accommodations and beaches in the Ionian Islands. While it remains a tranquil island with an “unspoilt” natural beauty, it has evolved tremendously in recent years to accommodate the influx of tourists, becoming a popular hot – spot, attracting travellers from all over the world.

Kefalonia is a fantastic holiday destination offering vacations that are suitable for everyone; from families and romantic couples, to groups of friends. Kefalonia indeed stands alone as a unique holiday experience.

One of the most amazing parts of visiting Kefalonia, is that wherever you may stay, you will never be far from a wonderful clean Mediterranean beach.

There is a range of resort types to choose depending on your idea for a perfect vacation: bustling tourist spots or tranquil isolation, romantic or family friendly, or why not, a little bit of both! Kefalonia is very popular to couples who desire some quality time together, but at the same time it has a strong family feeling to it.

The Kefalonians are energetic and strong people, who combine grace and bold humour.

Their hospitality attracts many friends every year, over and over again. The Kefalonian people, being Greeks first and foremost, are famous for their hospitality and friendliness and will treat you more like their friend than just a tourist; they will do all they can, to make you feel like home.

Cosmopolitan Argostoli

Kefalonia has hundreds of picturesque villages and small towns. The largest town, its capital and main port, is cosmopolitan Argostoli. The town of Argostoli, became the capital of Kefalonia and Ithaca in 1757 and is of a historical and cultural importance.

It is the administrative and commercial centre of the island, with prominent neoclassical architecture overlooking the port. Argostoli is built amphitheatrically, with an unobstructed view to the lagoon Koutavos and mountain Aenos. However, the touristic part of the town is spotted on Lassi area, with many hotels, apartments, restaurants, shops and the famous beaches of Makris Gialos and Platis Gialos.

Embosomed in a natural harbour, Argostoli stands on rolling hills dotted with vegetation that reaches down to the sea. Argostoli is a modern touristic town that offers travelers every amenity. There are many attractions, taverns, bars, cafes, museums, public services, banks, and transportations available.

Lithostroto, a winsome marble paved Pedestrian Street in the heart of the town, offers endless walks for shopping and coffee breaks. At the seaside of Argostoli you can also have walks by the yachts and fish boats and you can admire the "caretta - caretta" turtles in the morning while fishermen feed them.

If you are into history, culture and art, enjoy your visit to the cultural museum of Argostoli, which exhibits a parade of photos, furniture, clothing and home equipment of Kefalonia's retro - folklore history.

Visit the Foka - Kosmetatou foundation and the Archeological museum, near the central square, for an integral taste of Kefalonia's aesthetics and history.